Dear Skype/Microsoft

Using Skype on Linux has been an absolute pain since the Microsoft takeover, but starting from February 22 the Linux client is unable to join calls.

It was a shitty move to not update the client for 3 years, which resulted in this, mostly. It was annoying that you ignored almost every tweet to @SkypeSupport about Issues with Skype For Linux. But it is absolutely disgraceful that you dropped the Linux client BEFORE any alternatives are available and without telling your users.

We do understand that Linux is a competitor of Microsoft's Windows. But we do not understand why this results in a lack of support for Skype. Linux is actively being used by power users who can not or do not want to use Windows because of a lack of features, and now, those (paying) users who used Skype for both Business and Private purposes are dropped by Skype.

Signed, Lots of angry Linux users


Skype Support keeps ignoring people who complain or are having issues with Skype for Linux So we thought, let's send them so many so it will be impossible for them to ignore all the complaints about Skype for Linux.

@SkypeSupport dropped support for Skype for Linux, we can no longer accept calls. Support us by sharing: #ThanksBill Click to tweet

Made with lots of love (on linux) by @Boltgolt and @Nickforallnl